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If you are having trouble keeping up with the invoicing system IDCS or paying for a full-time/part-time employee, please consider Invoicing Services.

I have had the pleasure of working with Julia Proshkov at Invoicing Services since August of 2003.  Julia is efficient and professional. She has succeeded in getting 100% of our invoices paid in a timely manner.  Julia remains knowledgeable in the job codes and has been indispensable in submitting the CN bills for our company.

If you are having trouble with IDCS and getting paid for work you have performed, I suggest that Julia deserves your serious consideration.  She can help you collect cash quickly and efficiently. I recommend her highly and would be happy to discuss her services with you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Paul Ferris

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From August of 2005 to October 2011, I used the services of Invoicing Services with regard to submitting CN invoices for payment via CTRIM for CN.  Due to the time and accuracy involved for this application, and more specifically coding, Julia Proshkov has proven to be extremely knowledgeable in CTRIM coding and has been indispensable in submitting our invoices on our behalf in a professional, efficient and timely matter.  Her knowledge of CTRIM procedures was excellent, and was always able to follow up on any specific questions and concerns we have had.   In addition, when CTRIM made changes, Julia advised me how they affect us, and she looked after any adjustments in coding automatically.  Had we continued with CN, we would still be working with them.


Since inputting into the CTRIM system must be exact, to the layperson entering codes on this site can be confusing to say the least if you don’t understand the repairs being submitted and can result in entry mistakes which result in delayed payments.  By using Invoicing Services, I got an itemized list of all invoices that have been submitted on our behalf on a weekly basis, with our Invoice numbers and the total dollars submitted, which results in the turnaround for payment usually less than 30 days.

I was extremely pleased with the services we have received from Invoicing Services.  This convenience is second to none and highly valuable from our perspective.   I highly recommend Invoicing Services if you are looking for a knowledgeable individual who can ensure quick data entry with 100% accuracy, which results in quick payment.

If you have any questions or concerns about the services Invoicing Services offers, I would be pleased to share my experience.  I can be contacted at 902 444 7377.


Kathy MacDonald





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